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Salute to Janet Evanovich

Hey Readers,

I’m often asked what writers I admire and emulate.

I was an English Literature major and have read all my life: classics, biography, fiction, mystery, romance, and erotica. So, I’ve been inspired by many writers.

Perhaps the writer who has most influenced Kris Kassady Sexy Stories is Janet Evanovich. I see that she’s sold two hundred million books now and has ten million hits a month on her website. Talk about a writer who’s drawn a following and become a part of so many lives.

In my view, no author today does light, fun, entertaining, humorous, and spicy better than Janet Evanovich. She’s a treasure. Every page brings a smile, a chuckle, a warm cozy feeling. Whenever Stephanie Plum blunders into another mess, you just know Ranger or Joe is on the way. It doesn’t matter that you know he’s coming, it’s just so fun anticipating.

In these troubled times of pandemics, tortured politics, and war, we all need a happy place, a place to escape the madness. A place to retreat, recharge, and refocus. Janet Evanovich is one of my happy places.

I hope that Kris Kassady Sexy Stories will be a happy place for you. A place where you can curl up on a couch at the end of an upsetting day and snuggle into a cozy read, one that lifts your spirits and offers hope for a better tomorrow.

So, here’s to Janet Evanovich and happy places.

Keep reading.





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