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Author of Sexy Stories


Thanks for visiting my website. 

I'm Kris Kassady, writer of steamy romance and erotica.

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Here's some background about my stories.


Well, I like to have fun. I'm writing to have fun and I'm writing to entertain you. So, my style is light, humorous, entertaining, and always spicysome spicier than others.

I write steamy romance and light erotica in full length and shorter pieces including steamy novellas and erotic shorts. 

What's steamy romance? My steamy romance is focused on the romance, with plenty of spice and always a satisfying HEA.

What's erotica? My erotica is focused on a sexual adventure. Yup, it's about the sex, but it's always classy and tastefully presented.

Thanks for checking out my website and I do hope you'll give a story a test drive. 



Joey Does Greece Book Tour

Starts on Monday 8th April 2024.

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Intense Desire OUT NOW !

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The Summer Series Out Now!

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