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About Kris Kassady

Hey Friends,

Yikes, this page is supposed to be about me. I’d rather talk about you, but here goes.


Well, I’m an American writer living in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States.


I spend a lot of time in Seattle and Portland and on the eastern side of the Cascades in Washington and Oregon.


And, that’s where most of my stories are set.


What do I like?


I love the outdoors. Story settings are in the San Juan Islands, the Cascade mountains, along magnificent Northwest rivers, on Pacific Coast beaches, and in boats, cabins, and wilderness settings.


I love convertibles. I can’t live without one. And, the top is down on mine even when the weather is cool. Just put on a hat and flip on the heat and bun-warmers and I’m a happy camper.


I love diversity. My characters run the gamut in terms of age, ethnicity, and social status.


I love real people. You won’t find billionaires, werewolves, vampires, or aliens in my stories. But, you will find boatbuilders, truck drivers, teachers, nurses, shop owners, librarians, cooks, and waitresses.


And, I do love happy hour and my cabernet sauvignon. My editor tells me I don’t have to have happy hour every day in every book, but I just ignore her. What’s life without happy hour?


Okay, enough about me. I’d love to hear about you, and I do respond to every reader's email. So, shoot me a note, anytime.


And, thank you for taking a chance on me.




Kris Kassady

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