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The Quiet Lady is a feel-good romantic novella perfect for a one sitting read.

Maya Abramson lives a quiet life, living alone, and keeping to herself. She’s had a few relationships along the way but has never met anyone like Gino Marchetti.

A Ph.D. physicist, Maya finds contentment from her work, researching for a think-tank research lab. Meanwhile, Gino, a widower with three young daughters, manages a chain of Italian restaurants.

Both in their early fifties, Maya and Gino are happy with their lives, and aren’t looking for second love. But when they meet on a flight to San Francisco, their connection defies expectations and they realize something might be missing from their lives after all.

But Maya has issues that go beyond those of a shy, introverted, single woman. Can Gino deal with her unique challenges, or is this just a fun fling along life’s journey?

The Quiet Lady is a heartwarming and low-stress romance between two individuals in their midlife. This cozy read delivers warmth, entertainment, and just the right amount of steam. Settle into your favorite couch and enjoy this low-angst novella about second-chance romance.

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