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Free erotica novella extract: Start reading Kris Kassady's The Pageant

Myra's most personal private asset is a stunner, and she's about to put it on display in a highly unusual beauty pageant. Fortunately, art photographer Craig has what it takes to prepare Myra for the most memorable adventure of her life...

Myra is my name.

If you had told me a year ago that I was going to enter a vagina pageant, I would have laughed in your face.

But here I am telling you my most improbable story.

I’m a slender, fit, dark-haired Caucasian woman, late twenties, average height, modest breasts, and a nice enough face. The featured attraction is definitely the super-toned body. I really take care of myself. I’m in the gym every day for at least an hour, toning and working the abs. I love working out and take pride in my body.

I also like looking at photos of other fit bodies, male and female, clothed and unclothed.

Several websites are great for that but my favorite publishes nude photos and selfies that men and women voluntarily submit. The website has a system for categorizing photos so you can find what you are looking for fairly easily, like blonde, redheads, brunettes, tall, short, big breasts, small breasts, well-endowed men, toned abs, and so forth.

This is where my story gets a little weird.

I feel like I look as good as any of the ladies posted on the website and decided to submit my own photo. Yup, I really did. I’d never done anything like this before and was nervous about it. I have an excellent camera and bought a tripod because I wanted to do this myself. It’s kind of embarrassing taking naked selfies, but I really got into it.

I wanted to make a classy photo, not just some slutty shot, but I wanted it to be explicit. I decided to shave my lower body. Well, that was pretty erotic in itself. After doing it, I decided I liked it clean like that.

When I’d worked up the nerve, I set the camera on the tripod, stripped naked, applied lotion all over my body, and tried a bunch of poses.

In the photo I ended up submitting, I was wearing oversized dark sunglasses, crouched on my haunches with legs spread, holding a glass of wine, wearing a floppy hat, with a nonplussed look on my face. The camera was low and pointed directly at my newly shaved area, but it also picked up my breasts and face. Sitting in the crouched spread leg position allowed for a compact close up that showed everything.

It was bold and provocative.

And I really liked it.

I modeled the shot after a famous photo of Debra Harry of Blondie fame. It’s the classiest topless photo I’ve ever seen. She’s wearing dark glasses, holding a drink, her fabulous breasts pointing straight ahead, and she’s looking away as if she could care less if anyone was looking. The photo not only made Playboy, it made the Best of Playboy Anthology. It’s really tasteful, and sexy, and Debra Harry just looks amazing.

So I modeled my photo after that except that the focal point is definitely my lower lips, shaved clean, and directly facing the camera.

Anyway, I sent it in.

Imagine my excitement to find my photo anonymously featured two weeks later on my favorite website. And, better yet, I was included with the classiest photos of the most beautiful toned and fit women. I studied them all and decided I could hold my own with any of these women.

Photos are listed by photo only, no names, but there is a place where readers can “like” or “comment”.

So I regularly checked the website to see how my photo was faring. That is, how many “liked” the photo and how many made a “comment.” This is where my story gets even more weird and starts moving us to uncharted territory.

About four hundred photos of nude women were posted on this website. When I posted mine, the most comments a photo had was about one thousand. Most photos had fewer than one hundred. Well, the comments on my photo just exploded and I couldn’t believe it. It was by far the most popular photo of the four hundred posted. I mean, like one year later, when the second most commented photo still had about a thousand comments, I had 23,000, all positive.

Are you kidding me?

I was astonished.

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Myra's most personal private asset is a stunner, and she's about to put it on display in a highly unusual beauty pageant. Fortunately, art photographer Craig has what it takes to prepare Myra for the most memorable adventure of her life...

Myra is a young fitness fanatic who enjoys looking at naked men and women. On a whim, she submits a naked selfie to an online photo gallery featuring 300 beautiful nude women. Myra is stunned to learn that the second most popular photo on the site has 1,000 likes, while her photo goes viral with an astonishing 23,000 thumbs up. OMG! Really?

Craig Donnekee is an art photographer who specializes in preparing women for the annual Vagina Pageant. Nicknamed Donkey by his lady friends, he too is stunned by Myra’s amazing asset.

When Myra learns how Donkey got his nickname, an inferno erupts between them.

With Donkey’s coaching, Myra enters the Vagina Pageant, but as the event approaches, the reality of what she’s about to do hits home. Does she have what it takes to do this? Is she really going to put it on display in front of a thousand drunk and rowdy weirdos? And what makes her special part different than the twelve other finalists?

If you like smoking hot erotic shorts with plenty of heart and humor, you’ll love The Pageant. This sexy short story is perfect for a sizzling one sitting read on your favorite couch.



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