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Genre Confusion

The literary world turns on genre.

You can’t write a book unless it’s in a genre and abides by the rules of that genre.

So, if you’re writing a romance, the rules are that there must be a central romance story between two people with an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. There are various other rules but those are the critical ones.

And, within the romance genre, there’s every gradation of spice.

Like a sweet romance. That’s a Hallmark romance. You know, G rated. Nice and sweet. No racy sex.

Then, spicy romance. Okay, a little spice to pep things up.

Then, steamy romance. Now things are getting hot and heavy.

Then, erotic romance. Nothing left to the imagination here. But, the focus is still the romantic story.

Finally, erotica. And, here, the romantic story yields to the sex, lots of it, and, yes, very graphic, and sometimes raunchy.

So, what are Kris Kassady Sexy Stories?

My team has been thinking Erotic Romance.

But, one newsletter, after looking at a story we submitted, reported back it was Steamy Romance. And, guess what, in that newsletter, Steamy Romance cost $10 more to feature than Erotic Romance. Okay then, we’re learning something new every day.

But, what do you think?

Are Kris Kassady Sexy Stories sweet romance, spicy romance, steamy romance, erotic romance, or erotica?

For me, it’s about the story, not the labels.

Thank you for taking a chance on me.




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