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Highly Recommending Michelle Hazen’s Breathe the Sky

I loved Michelle Hazen’s Breathe the Sky so much. Let me count the reasons.

Michelle writes beautifully. Clear, crisp, efficient. Lovely setting descriptions. Great dialogue. Keeps the plot moving. I enjoyed every word and every sentence. She’s a gifted writer.

She writes about real people. The romance genre has a big tent. Personally, I’m not into vampires, or werewolf bikers, or billionaire dominators, or paranormal, or Sci-Fi. I love stories about real people. Jack, in Breathe the Sky, is a real guy. He builds power lines. Came from a rough family. Got dealt a bum hand and is fighting to make his life right. Mari is a wildlife biologist. The exact opposite of blue-collar Jack. And, Michelle makes it work. Beautifully.

She cares about the challenges of our day and uses her privilege as a writer to educate her readers. But, not in a preachy way. A real-life way. This particular story involves abuse issues, people carrying deep scars. Michelle deals with these issues sensitively. The reader leaves the book with a deeper appreciation of this terrible societal problem. And, Michelle even includes an Author’s Note providing resources for victims of abuse.

And, in a romance, I like some sizzle. Oh, yeah, excellent sizzle here. The intimate scenes are real, and sexy, and fun. Most importantly, they are appropriate to the story, and the characters.

Breathe the Sky gets my highest recommendation. Michelle Hazen is one of the best of our new young romance writers.

Kris Kassady Romance Writer

Breathe the Sky is available on Amazon here.



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