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My Kingdom for a Review

Hey Readers,

As an avid romance reader, you’ll have noticed that the authors you’re reading are asking as nicely as they can if you’d consider posting a review of their book.

So, what gives? Why a review?

When you request Amazon for recommendations on a good spicy romance, how does Amazon decide which books to recommend? Out of the millions of spicy romances available, Amazon refers you to the most popular bestselling books. Well, that makes sense.

What most readers don’t know is that Amazon has a sophisticated system for allocating points to books. And, guess what, the books with the most points get pushed out front.

So, how do struggling Indie writers fight their way through the pack? Yup, selling books, of course. But, getting ratings and reviews is a powerful way to increase position.

What’s the best thing a reader can do for a writer besides buy a book? Yup, post a rating or review on a popular platform.

Keep reading, and thanks for taking a chance on me.




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