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Romantic Adventures of Real People

Hey Readers,

Not all characters in my stories are perfectly formed muscular studs or shapely perfect women.

Well, some are, but many are not. Most are real people who stumble into a romantic adventure. Yes, real people making their way in this complicated world.

Miranda (Miranda) is a chronically underweight eighty eight pound virgin who washes dishes for a living.

Gemma (Gemma) was born into a life of abuse and teen prostitution who's now fighting to regain a respectful place in the world.

Remington (Wanton Woman) is a sex-crazed professional woman ready to pounce on any hunk who enters her sphere.

Mariana (The Caddie) comes from a humble Hispanic family, her father a golf course groundskeeper.

Maya (The Quiet Lady) was born deaf, has never heard a sound, and doesn't know what music is.

Jax (The Barista) was born in Warsaw, Poland, the result of a one night stand between a Polish welder and a French nightclub singer.

Rosa (Rosa) is an African American lawyer who represents disabled veterans.

Sabina (The Gypsy) is of Romani heritage, the Indo Aryan people known as Gypsies, who have roamed between India and Europe for thousands of years.

Yolanda (The Nanny) was born and raised in El Salvador, her parents migrant workers with ten children.

Duke (Duke's Program) is a retired lawyer who lost sexual function through prostate cancer.

Jimmy (Jimmy) was short-changed by the genetic Gods.

Bree (The Size Queen) is a petite Asian woman who likes her men plus sized.

Matisse (The Pool Boy) is descended from American slaves.

Yuliana (The Sudanese Hostess) was born and raised in Sudan, a member of the Dinka tribe.

Zooey (The Player) lives life in a wheelchair, the result of a childhood accident.

Real people have sex lives too. My stories celebrate their adventures.

If you have an idea of a real person with a romantic adventure, I'd love to hear about it.





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