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Story Ideas

Hey Readers,

I’m often asked where the stories come from. Honestly, I wish I knew. They’re just there. I don’t know how they got there, or why. They’re just there.

John Grisham’s advice to writers is to not write the first sentence of your story until you know the last. Well, I wish. Guess John Grisham I’m not.

When I sit down at the keyboard, the first sentence just happens. There’s no plan, no story diagram. I sit at the keyboard and the story flows from imagination to fingers. I’m as surprised as anyone at the twists and turns.

And, I’m asked if I worry about running out of ideas. It’s actually just the opposite. The more I write the more the ideas back up in my head. Sometimes I have to write them down so I won’t forget. Last week it came to me that I need to write a story about a model. As I think about that idea, the story is beginning to form, but I won't know more until I write that first paragraph. From then on, the story will tell itself.

If you have an idea for a story, I’m all ears. It’s amazing the ideas that come from readers, and I love to hear from you.





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