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Hey Kris...on The New Summer Series

What Books are in the Summer Series?

Kris: Summer Buddies was published last year and is live. Summer Wind was published last week and is now live. Summer’s End is underway and will be published in December, 2021.

What do the books in the Summer Series have in common?

Kris: First, they are romantic adventures about summer love. What is it about summer that makes love in the sun so special? We all had our summer loves, didn’t we? It’s just been such a drenchingly romantic time in most of our lives. Do you remember your summer love experience? Of course you do. It was special.

Second, the stories are about real people. Not billionaires, millionaires, vampires, aliens, or movie stars. Real people who are mechanics, boat builders, soldiers, school counsellors, waitresses, cowboys, and cowgirls. The kind of people who are fighting their way through life’s challenges. These people need love too, don’t they?

Do the books in the Summer Series need to be read in sequence?

Kris: No, each story stands alone and the books can be read in any sequence.

To find out more, and read a preview of Summer Buddies and Summer Wind, go to the Novels page here.



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