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The Player (Coming Soon)

Hey Readers,

I’m just finishing The Player, The Kris Kassady Sexy Story for December 2020. I hope to publish it in early January 2021. Please keep your eyes on this column for updates.

The Player might not be the professional poker player who first comes to your mind. Living life in a wheelchair since a tragic childhood accident, Zooey keeps herself busy dealing blackjack at a Las Vegas Casino, competing in wheelchair marathons, performing card tricks at children’s birthday parties, and playing professional poker. Yes, she’s The Player. But what about that cute guy making eyes at her at the gym? Just when she thought it was too late for Mr. Right, Roddy rolls into her life in his own chair. Hmmm. How’s this going to work? [To be published January 2021]

Thanks for taking a chance on me.

Happy Holidays!




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