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The Position Dilemma

Hey Readers,

Janet Evanovich famously said she quit writing erotica when she ran out of positions.

Believe me, I can relate to this dilemma every writer in erotic romance deals with. The missionary position only goes so far. Then cowgirl. Pretty soon she’s on all fours, then against the wall, and sitting on this lap. Then, it's back to the Kama Sutra for creative new ideas.

I don’t think about position any more when I write a story. I just write the story and when it comes to that time, I just let my fingers roll. I’ve found that most situations guide the way. A virgin will want to be a missionary first time. A bold experienced woman will be on top. Gentle, tender, loving sex often ends up side to side. And so forth.

I will admit that I’ve never described a position in a story that I haven’t tried myself, or seen on screen. Yup, I’ve been known to peruse PornHub now and then to see what the experts are up to. OMG. It’s amazing what people are doing out there.

And, yes, that scene in Ginger where she’s sitting backwards on a big stud. Saw it on PornHub. Yup, everything was going just fine until he grabbed her waist, stood up, and her head went to his knees. OMG. Suddenly, she was getting it upside down. Can’t say I’ve done it, but I’ve seen it, and it was impressive.

Hope some of my stories inspire some creativity in your bedroom.





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