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Tribute to Mark Dawson

Hey Readers,

I’m often asked the key to becoming an indie writer, that is, an author who’s marketing and selling books independent from the traditional world of literary agents and publishing houses.

The answer is very simple: Mark Dawson. You may know Mark Dawson as the bestselling author of the John Milton mystery series. But, to indie writers everywhere, he is the pioneering founder of the Mark Dawson Self-Publishing Formula, the repository of online courses training indie writers how to write, market, and sell books directly.

Thanks to Mark Dawson, thousands of indie writers have made their way from unknown and unpublished to successful writers independent of the traditional publishing world. Self-publishing was originally inspired by Amazon but now multiple platforms are available to the indie writer.

As an indie writer, I’m committed to this brave new world that is opening for thousands of writers all over the world who are sitting at home pounding away on laptops, working to bring enjoyment to readers everywhere, and maybe earn a buck.

Thank you for supporting the indie writer movement.

And, here’s to Mark Dawson.





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