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What's Next?

Hey Readers,

I get asked what’s the plan for 2021?

Currently, I’m planning to write four more short stories to complete the fifth collection of Kris Kassady Sexy Stories. Each collection contains six stories totaling 100,000 words, the approximate length of a novel.

That will total thirty short stories in five collections. They sell individually for $1.99 and $4.99 for the collection.

It may be time for a second edition of Joey Bazooka Goes to Greece. Joey takes the first two weeks of August for his annual vacation to Plaka Beach, the world’s greatest nude beach on Naxos. He reserves the same cottage every year, spending days on the beach and nights at the island’s best clubs.

As Joey Wilson describes himself, he’s so ordinary he’s almost invisible. People don’t see or pay attention to him. But, that all changes when he drops his swimsuit on the nude beach and becomes Joey Bazooka, King of Plaka Beach. In five chapters, the first edition recounts Joey’s romantic adventures with Giovanna, Hanna, Chantel, Anya, and Colleen.

Joey Bazooka Goes to Greece is an entertaining, humorous, sexy romp. Who doesn’t need a hedonistic adventure on a faraway beautiful beach?

I’m thinking its time to recount another round of Joey’s adventures.

Keep reading.





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